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Patricia Chala - Selfie

Patricia Chala was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and is currently living in the United States, a land that became home. A well-rounded professional with 20 years of experience in the Spa and Beauty Industry, dual licensed board certified, with an international background that has gone from the Netherland Antilles (Aruba) to a five-star hotel that is a landmark in Coral Gables, Florida. There, she went from being a fully booked esthetician to effectively manage the day-to-day Spa operation. 

975 LifeStyle - Fit

After getting one of the most wonderful rewards in life (she became mother), decided to spend some deserved time off with his son and family, however, never stopped and kept her mind active and focused to start shaping this project. In parallel, also started taking care of her health by working out and improving nutrition. All this impacted so positively that led her to become an NPC (National Physique Committee) Bikini Building competitor. Since then, this amazing journey has taken Patricia to participate in both, local and national competitions.

Patricia Chala - Rose

After all these prolific years where her know-how was consistently nourished, she decided to launch her own

one-of-a-kind skin care product line. Truly exceptional, made out of Latin American well known product extracts and manufactured in US, so this line will serve as the best of both worlds.

975 LifeStyle skin care products come packaged in an Airless Pump Bottle, thus preventing oxidation of any of its ingredients. The pump on the bottle delivers metered doses, so you get exactly what you need to nourish your skin every day, no need to worry about the right dosage, simply press the pump and you are done!


1_Airless pump bottles prevent beauty product formulations to have any contact with air, which results in the preservation of the product’s effectiveness, and prolonged shelf-life.


2_Airless packaging enables consumers to extract the product more from the bottle.


3_Airless packaging allows for more accurate dosing of formulas and their smoother delivery.

975LifeStyle - Skin
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